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  • I absolutely love this place! I love thrift stores so I am used to very low prices. This place is not necessarily a thrift store but also not very high priced. The good news is that you walk in and there are tons of great items (no need to search and hunt at several picked-over thrift stores). And for that, you pay a little more but not those sky-high prices.

    Sarah Parker

  • The selection varies, but I have seldom walked in and not been wowed by many items. And the employees/owners have always been friendly, informative and helpful. The are enthusiastic and obviously passionate about design. Items run the gamut from midcentury to Seventies/Eighties. They never fail to have very unique, show-stopping, eye-catching items.

    Maggie Brown

  • This is a cool vintage furniture store in New York. I visited it twice last month just to look around since it's right down the street from my little brother's place. Some of the stuff looks like it came from our parents' living room since they never buy new furniture and it's probably from the 1970s. Apparently that kind of stuff is still in demand!

    Donald J. Hollow

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